Precautions for installing decorative film

Website Editor:admin │ Publication Time:2018-05-29 

The decorative film belongs to the special nature of the material, and must be strictly observed during the construction process:

After using the decorative film, the building can perfectly beautify the building, giving the overall visual experience a new look. And according to different colors, it can create a poetic appearance, giving many design masters a great imagination. In addition to increasing artistic beauty, it also features intelligent insulation film protection.

After using the decorative film in the room, it can change the monotonous feeling of the interior and make the room beautiful. And the film surface is smooth and easy to clean. With high strength characteristics, to meet the requirements of personal safety protection.

1.Do not use carbon steel or iron knife

2.Avoid diaphragm pressure plastic

3.Membrane edge with glass bead or glass glue to leave a certain gap is not more than 2 mm The safety membrane is not more than 3 mm special treatment of special membrane.

4.After the completion of the construction, it must not be scratched with hard materials until a few days after the retest. Follow the instructions for the maintenance of the decorative film.