What are the advantages of PVC plastic film cabinets?

Website Editor:admin │ Publication Time:2018-06-21 

Blister cupboards are cabinets made from blister boards. The blister board uses a medium density board as a substrate, and has a smooth surface and is easy to be shaped. After being molded with a sculpting pattern, the patterns are various and have a three-dimensional appearance. Blister board that is also called PVC polymer polymer, in foreign countries is called defect-free sheet, inside and outside the double paste, non-oily, watertight, scratch-resistant, also known as Blister board, substrate for the density board, the surface by Vacuum blister or use a seamless PVC film pressure molding process, is a very mature cabinet material, is the most convenient and most suitable for people living. The door panel does not need to be sealed under normal size, and it is waterproof, moisture-proof, hard and flexible.
  1、PVC molded board has the advantage of unique shape, a variety of patterns and a three-dimensional sense.
  2、 The processing cycle is slightly shorter than the baking door.
  3、Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof.
  4、 Environmental health.
  5、 Delicate appearance, flame retardant.
  6、 Easy to clean and maintain
  7、 The style is unique, especially her European style is loved by the kitchen slaves.
  8、 Good construction: This product has a special material toughness, can be sawed, planed, nailed, pasteable, but also can be conditional bending processing, can fully reflect the flexible and diverse fashion home decoration style.